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What they do at Speak Asia

Speak Asia has become synonym to online survey business in recent years. At Speak Asia, they not only ask people to fill big brands surveys and get paid but they are also in process of binding the whole world (corporates and laymen) together under an unique opportunity.

Let’s understand the concept a bit more:

What are surveys?

A survey is a method used to collect information from a sample of individuals. It is one of the most commonly used tools in market research. Information is gathered by questioning a set of people and analysis is done on it. The set of questions may be objective and/or subjective in nature. The collective answers help organizations to take the best possible business decisions.

Why do Companies pay for surveys?

Companies before launching any new product or revamping their existing not so good product get surveys done to understand the psyche of their customers. Surveys reduce the risk of product failures to a larger extent. People giving honest opinions in surveys help these companies get an edge over the competition in similar products market.

So, in laymen terms instead of spending huge amount on advertising a not so good and attractive product, get few paid surveys done in the market and launch a really needed product. And that’s why they pay for it.

What does Speak Asia do for them?

Speak Asia is nothing but a link between these companies and the end users. It liaisons between companies and its large customer base to get surveys doneĀ  and in turn get paid by the companies and share this amount with people who are actually filling those surveys.

So, Speak Asia is actually acting as a mediator between us and the companies.