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It is our indeed pleasure to welcome you all to Join Speak Asia Online team whom we lovingly call The JSAO Team.

At JSAO, we undertake challenges to bring latest updates, know-how about Speak Asia Online, an online survey company. What good and what bad happening with the company, we unbiasedly bring to our readers.

Moreover, you can find updates related to yearly fees, ways to earn more, where to get PINs from and why it is important to work in a team and many more tips and tricks related to Speak Asia Online.

You can read why you should join Speak Asia and how you can earn from it and the basic mathematics behind Speak Asia.

You can get in touch with us or ask us to contact you by leaving your contact information down the page.

We also have a live chat, using which you can contact us at any time. We do not commit that we are live 24×7 but yes we are most of the time during the day. In case you don’t find us online, do not hesitate to leave your contact information.

We help but we don’t force you to come to our team because it is your decision after all.

Hope you would love to be part of JSAO. Thanks!

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