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Warning Message From Speak Asia

Recently there has been some kind of a full stop in the Speak Asia market for people selling PINs at cheap rate. May be Speak Asia is trying to implement certain procedures to be followed to play a fair game to let the business grow with positive market.

Speak Asia today circulated an email to all panelists asking them not to reveal their user id and password to anyone pretending to be from Speak Asia and asking for personal details. They strictly warned people to be aware that some people may try to see your credentials and thus take away your points in the wallet.

So Speak Asians, just beware.

Here’s the email:

Dear Speak Asians,

It has come to our notice that recently some unknown miscreants have been calling up panelists of Speak Asia and asking them about their Speak Asia Online login passwords and transaction passwords.

This is to bring to your notice that Speak Asia does not call up panelists and ask panelists about their personal login and transaction passwords. We therefore urge all Speak Asians not to disclose their login password and transaction passwords to such callers.

Please be aware of such calls because if you disclose your login and transaction passwords, your Speak Asia account may get hacked and you may lose control of your Speak Asia account.


Team Speak Asia

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  • Sunita Jangle

     we have seen the news about the fraud by speak asia on star news channel. we request the company to give us the right information, and your further action.  

  • Tadma Poonja

         when you finalise your problem or otherwise you are  going to cheat me which i invested after leaving one time food  poonja1