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Speak Asia: Going Forward in ET

In its effort to re-brand Speak Asia after so much hooohollaaa in media and around, Speak Asia Online started a new brand revamping campaign in newspaper and other mediums. This time their campaign states “Contrary to the popular belief we are not going anywhere except FORWARD“ I loved the spirit of Speak Asia as a […]

Speak Asia vs MCA in a Newspaper

Speak Asia and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) recently came face to face not physically but in a daily newspaper when both published an advertisement against unfair means, against each other but not directly. Speak Asia published the same ad that had displayed as a popup on their website before criticizing the 3rd parties (MCA […]

Speak Asia Gen X in Times of India

Speak Asia Gen X is being covered by the most read English daily The Times of India on 14th May 2011 in all its edition. They published a news regarding Gen X Bazaar organized by Speak Asia in Goa from 9th May 20 11th May 2011. The news read “Shop-Happy in Go-aah”. It has 3 […]