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Speak Asia: Updates & Progress so Far

In a new popup for the Speak Asia Online users, Speak Asia has presented with updates and progress made so far. Main issues covered were permanent establishment in India and pending payments to all panelists. This time Speak Asia also included necessary documents with the popup to win to confidence of all Speak Asians. They […]

Speak Asia Starts Payouts

Amazed to see a news in today’s Dainik Jagran that Speak Asia has started payouts. The news should have been from Speak Asia Online officials but it is coming from the mass media again. No confirmation on it from the officials yet but it looks the news might be on bang now. It has been […]

Speak Asia: Mobile Scheme Status? Any Idea?

When I logged into my Speak Asia account, I noticed a link right at the bottom of the welcome screen. “Mobile Scheme Status”. I wonder why have they placed this on the welcome screen without marketing this feature and what exactly is this supposed to do? When I clicked on the click it showed details […]

Speak Asia: Survey Not Working

I had pending surveys of the last week. I opened up the Speak Asia Online portal to complete my surveys but to my utter disappointment, when I click on “Take Survey” it shows – Application Error, “The System is not activated or the license is invalid”. How many of you are getting this same error? […]

Speak Asia: Truth or just another Lie

Speak Asia has now come up with a highly anticipated popup message on their website urging to launch a dedicated website for Indian market on 10th July2011 (Expected domain which is parked at the moment) They further added that move to their new permanent establishment in Mumbai. No formal date though. Prize distribution for […]