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Speak Asia : Hum Mein Hai Hero

An amazing video created by Vikas Mahajan, to showcase the heroism of Mr. Tarak Bajpai COO of Speak Asia. He did not let morals of the panelists go down even when he was in police custody. He is truly a Hero who is fighting in and out for all of us. Here’s the video: Thanks […]

Speak Asia: Buy YUG on TVC

TVC Skyshop has started selling the YUG brand. Although Speak Asia is facing trials at Mumbai’s EOW but the company has decided to bring off tits product and popularize them too. Previously Speak Asia started doing YUG Ads in print media now TVC Skyshop starts not only selling but advertising in print media and attracting […]

Speak Asia: A2Z News Channel

News of Speak Asia getting cleared from EOW, Mumbai by 12th Aug is spreading like anything on the web and via sms. Following SMS is on the flow: “All Speakasians finally, SAOL has presented their non-disclosure agreement to EOW regarding their clients list & EOW checked & enquired their clients & all accepted that they […]

Insight to Speak Asia’s Server Error

Speak Asia’s server has been reported to have been taken away be EOW, Mumbai for investigations.┬áSince last couple of days Speak Asia website, is also not working and giving some error. Here is the insight to it: The yellow screen as it is known as in Dot Net terminology, is displayed when the error […]

Speak Asians Rallying all over India to Protest

Panelists of Speak Asia Online have come to streets of different parts of India to not only display support for Speak Asia but also asking authorities the wrongdoings of Speak Asia, because of which the action is being taken against it. They have been existent, fighting and trying to proof themselves but authorities do not […]