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Survey on Speak Asia: Panelist’s View

We at JSAO are trying to know the mood of people, actually panelists, who are associated with Speak Asia Online in some way or the other. After extensive media coverage, Speak Asia Online had to come in public with its business model thru which it tried to explain the world what they do and what they stand for.

We, and many panelists, are still not convinced with the statements company has issued till now and hence we are trying to do a survey to know what exactly do you think about the company, it’s model and prospects in near future.

This will help us convey a message to SAO management to answer queries of all Speak Asians around India.

This won’t take more than 30 seconds of your time. Just give your honest opinion and be counted for. Thank you so much for the participation in advance.

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  • rajesh

    please send the results of this survey to media and SAO management

    • NitiN Kumar Jain

      This is for sure …

  • Amit Sahrawat

    This is really good initiative, and I sincerely hope that this should be shown to S.A.O so that they aware of the mood of their panelists.

  • BS

    The explanation given is not at all convincing. In fact they have not given any proper explanation of their business module – how they are able to pay three times the deposit without being paid by any manufacturer of the products!!! They are paying from the pie of present Penelists to their old panelist! It is simple PONZI SCEME!!!.
    However they may be able to meet the present commitments as they have already made more than Rs.2090 Crores from 19 lakhs panelist.

  • Indian

    My Question to all Speak Asians…
    Did you Receive Money in your Bank account recently ?

  • pratima srivastava

    we are speakasion we proudfor this Iam anable to understand that why media and other companies doing their own work when there is not any problem to any speakasians then why media and other departmnt creat so many prablem for speak asians . If media feel that people are cheated by company then where was he that time.when speak asia achive high level of business .why they creat so many probleams for speak asians .all speak asians are happy and satisfied from this business.we can do any thing for speak asia

  • Pbaranwal

    ये कैसा पर्दा फाश किया भारतीय मीडिया ने जब १९ लाख लोग स्पीक एशिया से जुड़ गए तब ये स्ट्रिंग ऑपरेशन क्यों आया , कहाँ थी ये मीडिया जब ये कंपनिया अपनी शुरुआती दौर में थी उस समय कहाँ सो रही थी ये मीडिया आज जब १९ लाख परिवार आराम से कमा रहे थे तब क्यों ख्याल आया, स्पीक एशिया भागती तो नहीं पर मीडिया ने लाखो भारतीय परिवारों के पेट पर लात मरी है, जो मीडिया हमारी हित में नहीं ऐसे मीडिया की हमें कोई जरुरत नहीं, तो दोस्तों ये समय है इस मीडिया के खिलाफ एक जंग छेड़ने का तो आइये और एक नयी जंग की शुरुआत करे और इन्हें दिखाए की जनता से मीडिया है या मीडिया से जनता

  • Sanjay sharma

    bharat ko sone ki chidiya banana hai to speak asia ko chalana hoga
    bharat sarkar ko sochana chahiye 20,00000 logo ki jindagi hai speak asia
    sanjay sharma ma pitambara group

  • Sanjay sharma

    bharat sarkar ko sochana padega 20,00000 paribaro ke bare me
    sone ki chidiya bapas lana hai to sochana padega speakasia ke bare me
    sanjay sharma ma pitambara

  • Renuka Moharir

    all the media chanells and government athoritties please think about 20lacs people.Let speak asia do its work and you better mind your job. Let some people get some chance to earn money.At this stage if you people will do like this then what about the hardly earned money of the people?

  • Hemant Tripathi

    bharat sarkaar ko 2000000 logon ke baare me sochna chahiye 2000000 logon ki barbadi ka jabaab bharat sarkaar degi. kuchh reporters ke kehne per bharat sarkaar 2000000logon ke saath khilwad karegi kya iska jabaab kon dega star news waale kuchh bhi bolenge to bharat sarkaar maan legi speak asia jindabaad aaj he to kal he.

  • Khanna Mehak

    speak asia is doing very job by oppurtunities to lacs of people and same is expected in the future also

  • Anonymous

    jo hota hai acche ke leya hota hai ,sab accha hi hoga.

  • Anonymous

    jo hota hai acche ke leay hi hota hai jo hoga accha hi hoga