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Speak Asians Rallying all over India to Protest

Panelists of Speak Asia Online have come to streets of different parts of India to not only display support for Speak Asia but also asking authorities the wrongdoings of Speak Asia, because of which the action is being taken against it.

They have been existent, fighting and trying to proof themselves but authorities do not wish to listen to anything. Is there some other motive behind their intentions is what every Speak Asian is seeking an answer to.

Rallies are being conducted in every part of country, be it Punjab, Mumbai, Pune etc.

Latest is the rally at Jantar Mantar, Delhi where around 2000 Speak Asians gathered to register their protest. Zee Business covered the news:

Here are some of the pics from Jantar Mantar Protest on 7th Aug 2011:

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