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Speak Asia with Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you heard it right. Speak Asia is planning to open channels for anyone and everyone to quit Speak Asia and get his full amount refunded in case, they have joined by showing lucrative offers by anyone without telling the truth about the company.

That’s what legal adviser of Speak Asia told media persons in a recently held press conference to clear (or enhance) many doubts.

The main product of the company is the internet magazine. People paying money are buying the subscription of the magazine. I agree some people have been misguided. I will recommend the company to give these people an exit option” Ashok M Saraogi, the adviser, said at a press conference.

He further added that even the company doesn’t want people to lose money. If Speak Asia is a genuine company, they should go by his advice.

He expected the company to come up with these announcements within a week. According to him, the fee-based surveys, which the company has been marketing as a lucrative work-from-home opportunity, are only additional benefits offered to the subscribers of the magazine. “There is nothing illegal. There is no restriction on an internet business from operating out of a foreign country” he said.

So, basically if we go by the statements made by this gentleman and company also announces this then Speak Asia that proudly say 2 millions panelists will barely say 10 thousand panelists. Because, everyone who has joined Speak Asia is under the impression that they would earn more from the so called investment they are making.

Or may be this is just a stunt that can make the company run for a longer time.

We all know what is the main business of our Speak Asia. Hope they come up with something that saves it. They have been trying hard and everything possible to get out of all this clean.

Fingers crossed!

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