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Speak Asia: Truth or just another Lie

Speak Asia has now come up with a highly anticipated popup message on their website urging to launch a dedicated website for Indian market on 10th July2011 (Expected domain which is parked at the moment)

They further added that move to their new permanent establishment in Mumbai. No formal date though.

Prize distribution for Laptops/ Mobiles will soon to start.

Last but not the least, new ad campaign soon on television, newspapers, internet, physical hoardings and more.

We are really hoping for some positivity after all these. But still waiting for 10th July 2011 as they have postponed things couple of times in the past.

Fingers crossed!

Formal announcements:

Fellow and Dear Speak Asians,


We are announcing some new measures for moving forward which reflects our consistent approach for taking the business forward along with our Speak Asian community. We wish to reassure all Speak Asians that Company is putting all its efforts in ensuring the best interest of panelist.

1.    We are holding a business re-start meeting on July 9th in Mumbai . This meeting shall constitute all the Managers, Distributors of SAOL, The discussion will be primarily on the process involved for going further.

2.    We are here to work with you for a great future for which a local presence will be important for moving forward as we grow together. Speak Asia is launching a new India centric website on July 10th. The site will provide information on products, services offered by Speak Asia and show case on how to burn your reward points. We regret for the delay in launch of the site which is largely due to reasons beyond our control .However we are sure that once the operations begin there is no looking back.

3.    We will soon be moving into a spanking new office, our permanent establishment (PE) in Mumbai. As you read this communication , finishing touches to inspiring design for the new office are being given and this large liaison office will be the hub of our joint growth.

4.    Distribution of Rewards has taken shape. Provogue Gift vouchers have been sent and utilized by panelists. Confirmations for the winners of Laptops, Television and Cell Phones are being obtained to start the distribution process in shortest possible time.

5.    Soon you will see Speak Asia’s new advertising campaign. So whether you are outdoors, watching television or reading a newspaper, your company will be occupying top of mind recall with its new message about the products & services, rewards points earning and many more benefits you will get.

So keep a look out on your email box as a lot of communication will come to you from the company .

Fellow Speak Asians, here’s to the future which belongs to ‘Our Community’ !

Team Speak Asia

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