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Speak Asia Responding but not Answering

The following news was published in some newspaper some time ago. As per the news itself, our own Vivek Gautam opened up a lot of things like biggest survey company, as per the norms of RBI, online survey panelists, existence in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc and many more things, but then why did it fail to make few greedy news channel understand their unique concept if they are at all right in all possible sense.

They also denied many things in press conference.

Do you think the company can sustain for a longer time without having new panelists joining the company?? Do you think that company can continue pay-outs for surveys only without having any pay-ins?

It’s not me who needs these answers but 2 million speak asians are still waiting for some strong response.

What do you think??

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  • Amit Sahrawat

    And i am one of 2 million speak asians 🙂

  • Arpan

    We want to continue to work with Speak Asia.  I Pray to God, please help SPEAK ASIA in his difficult times.  We support SpeakAsia. 

  • Sania Tharani

    im proud to be speak asian n pray god to help speak asia in this difficult time..:)

  • Mayur Panchal

    I am speakasian. I joined speak asia recently. Speak asia opened a new door to those who is unemployed, seeking for extra income or for his bread-butter. So my request to all please keep faith in god as well speak asia that, no one can shut this company as its way to earn a bread to our family.