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Speak Asia: Officially Announces Date for New Website Launch

Finally it is official, Speak Asia online has announced the date on which they are going to launch their new website on Sunday, 10th July, 2011. Although this will momentary effect the survey and they have paid attention to it, but as long as they their promise, I don’t think panelists would mind anything.

Here’s hoping that everything falls in place for Speak Asia Online now.

Formal Announcement:

Dear Speak Asians,

Warm Greetings !

    As you are aware ,there will be a transition from the existing website to the completely new look  website on Sunday, 10th July, 2011. Due to this transition activity, no surveys will be sent between  6th July – 19th July . The surveys will start coming to you on the new look site from Wednesday i.e  20th July, 2011. An extension of 2 weeks will be given in lieu of the surveys missed during this transition period.

Team SpeakAsia

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