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Speak Asia: No More Surveys?

Speak Asia will soon be launching their new product website and while doing so they said no surveys will be available from 6th July to 19th July.

An extension of 2 weeks will be given in lieu of surveys missed? What does that mean? Will we get missed surveys after 18th July or we won’t get them at all. It is not clear at all.

They should have written explicit statements for clarity.

Formal announcements

As you are aware, there will be a transition from the existing website to the completely new look website on Sunday, 10th July, 2011. Due to this transition activity, no surveys will be sent between 6th July – 19th July. The surveys will start coming to you on the new look site from Wednesday i.e 20th July, 2011. An extension of 2 weeks will be given in lieu of the surveys missed during this transition period.

Team Speak Asia

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  • Gurmeet Singh

    Say your annual subscription in expiring on 14th August. You wil be given two weeks extra to continue doing surveys till 28th of August. You need to renew before 28th August to continue receiving surveys for another one year.

    • NitiN Kumar Jain

      Yup .. that seems logical …