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Speak Asia: New Website

Everyone has been waiting for a long time for the day 10th July 2011 hoping for the new Speak Asia website launch but later the sooner, the day is just over and we couldn’t see the launch of their new website (expected at

Earlier they announced that the new website launch by displaying a preview of the site for us.

They later confirmed this with a new popup saying the new website would be launched on 10th July.

Some time later they again confirmed the launch on 10th July by another popup.

But it is really sad to say that the website is still on up and running. Since morning they are displaying a new popup confirming the launch sooner but eagerly waiting panelists could not see anything other than that popup.

Are they trying to misguide people or trying to divert their mind from the payouts, not sure but we really think that they should launch it very very soon to keep their promise and our trust ON.

We were trying different URLs on their existing website and got to a Popup which has still not shown but is ready to be shown after the launch of their new website.

Here’s the coming soon popup.

Although they are facing problems in updating the site but they managed to create the content of the new popup 🙂

Dear Speak Asians,

The wait is over !!!!!!!

Keeping in line with our strategy and as communicated earlier, we are proud to present to you the new website which will now be the platform for fulfilling all your aspirations. The new website is designed to allow consumers to leverage their power over an e-commerce platform.

As communicated to you on various occasions SpeakAsia has a application under process for opening up a permanent establishment in India and is awaiting the various clearances from competent authorities. We have in the past few weeks also tried out some payment initiatives and had done a few test transactions which unfortunately were not allowed to be completed due to certain precautionary circulars from the Reserve Bank of India. We have already put in process all the necessary actions with the competent authorities for allowing us to resume our normal banking operations.

While all suitable actions are being undertaken by the company to normalise it’s functioning, we have as committed initiated the roll out of the first phase of the new website which is now there for you to experience. This new website will allow you to get a firsthand feel of the business processes and capabilities in the new environment. In this phase you will be able to earn and burn your accrued reward points by buying products and services on the SpeakAsia platform. You will also be able to generate subscription codes from your accrued binary income.As soon as we get the required clearances as mentioned above, we will also resume other bank related transaction.

Dear friends, this is only the first of the many steps that we will take towards realising and fulfilling our dreams and desires. We assure that in the near future you will be given a host of new opportunities to earn and burn your reward points.

Look forward to your continuous support as always.

Thanking you

Team Speak Asia

[Link of the coming up popup]

This is the current popup which is being displayed on their website.:

Dear Speak Asians,

All of us have been waiting for this moment when the new website would be unveiled.
In the next few hours the wait will be over as we would be upgrading and moving to our new website.

Team Speak Asia

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  • Netra 24

    netrapal old panelist of speak asia. please send the old money then we force to join new cuctmer in speak asia otherwise not. i not receive a single ruppee 0r my total income cross 13000 thousand. credit this amount urgently. id netra 24

  • rekha

    how i can join new website 

  • A Shrivastava49

    what i need to do for login in new website