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Speak Asia : New Product Site Inline

Speak Asia Online, as promised, is set to launch their new product site (tentatively at pretty soon. Although they promised 25th June earlier but it would be launched very soon along with payouts and other details rolling out.

Speak Asia has made a glimpse of new product site available to all its panelists.

From the image, it looks to pretty interesting. Users will be able to register / login and purchase products. I am sure panelists would be allowed to purchase thru RPs in their accounts.

Let’s wait and watch.

Here’s the glimpse of the coming up portal.


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  • Aman123

    Speak-Asia leaders being cheated at Talkatora Delhi stadium by Speakasia company officials. They are taking huge money from the leaders to book stadium and conduct seminars, meetings etc. Actually they are not spending that much what they are collecting from leaders-panelist combination.

    This money is being divided equally amongst Speakasia delhi officials from the company.