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Speak Asia launches New eCommerce Portal & brand YUG

Speak Asia Online keeping its promise launched the new e-commerce portal although a bit late in the midst of 11th July night at around 2 AM.

This is going to be a good move by the online firm for its 20 lacs panelists.

Panelists can now buy products using reward points in their online account. Speak Asia is selling these Products under a brand name Yug, which they launched at GenXBazaar fest at Goa early this year.

The portal looks good. It is rumored to be developed by IBM at a massive cost of Rs 13 crores. It indeed includes the setup and infrastructure cost which is massive in itself too, supporting huge user base. Although the system needs to improve a lot as it throws exception / errors at majority instances.

There are still grey areas like

  • Can we buy the product only from RP?
  • How long would it take to deliver?
  • Where are the service centers for the YUG brand products?
  • What is the warranty like for individual products?

Although the future of panelists look good but Speak Asia as a company always keep something grey and let its panelists keep guessing.

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