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Speak Asia: In News Again on IBNLive

In what promised to be good news for Speak Asia in last few months or so. After various news channel had launched an all out on Speak Asia Online and questioned about their business strategy and their market existence in India, media (some news channel) even visited their offices abroad and reported about Speak Asia being a fraud and running a forge business.

But there was counter-action from Speak Asia Authorities and they tried to give answer about each question although no answer was convincing enough. But still, it continued to raise the business and attract panelist towards it and also promised to pay back the money. They came up with an idea of launching a new website and entering into products marketing and converting reward points to products for their panelists. However, this again is not up to their schedule and missed few deadlines in the past which nothing but again raise questions about them.

As per the latest news from IBNLive (news channel. The Corporate Affairs Ministry has asked the Registrar of Companies (RoC) to inspect the book of accounts of the controversial multi-level marketing company Speak Asia and submit report to government by July 10, 2011.

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