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Speak Asia in Economic Times & Star News

After being so huhahalla about Speak Asia Online on Star News, Speak Asia is back on track earning even more. People have said a lot about Speak Asia without knowing its concept just to earn TRP in some way or the other. I have seen few bloggers also to capitalize on the trending topic Speak Asia. We call it in hindi behti ganga mein haath dhona“. And they have done pretty good by writing on it even though they said to have don’t believe it. Motive was to gain huge traffic who would be searching on net about it. Just read thru their posts you would under understand that. “Bina sar per ki baate hai bas“.

Anyways, for those who think Star News is the end, we say it is just the beginning. It has got more popular and it has brought all Speak Asians more closer to each other.

A system where everyone is earning, unlike other MLMs where only top level earns is being cover by the most trusted newspaper Economic Times. What else could you ask for.

Economic Times while covering Speak Asia’s GenX Bazaar mentioned the aspirations and belief in all its panelists by Speak Asia.

Who would you trust? Economic Times, a genuine brand for decades or Star News which is still trying to make its mark by some very funny news.

Some very funny news by star news:

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