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Speak Asia : Exit Option from 5th Aug 2011

Speak Asia has finally come out with the Exit option for people who are not happy joining SAOL and would like to exit from the company and get refund of the amount invested.

Important points to mention about the exit option is:

If you have been with the company for more than 3 months then there is no point leaving the company as you will not get any refund back but can utilize the RPs in your account.

But if you think you have not earned enough RPs to compensate your investment then you can exit from the company and you will be refunded money equals to your investment minus RPs.

Following is the official communication from Speak Asia about the exit option:

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  • anokha anokha

    As per the exit option provided by the SPEAKASIA & the email id ” ” for the exit request. Unfortunately, i want to tell you that this mail id is not working and all the requests are getting  bounced/ failure to deliver…..

    Any new excuse speakasia????

    • Raj

      it seems you have tried on wrong email id. Please verify.

  • Gauurrav

    khali bewkuff ban rah hay sabkou speak asia aaj 4 mahina ho gaya kuch nahi kar paya speakasia kahli lambi-lambi advertisment or confrence or pop us deta rahta hay 
    guys akhen kholu yeh sab is liye kiya ja rha hay taki ham panelist thak har kay khoud choup ho jaye…….
    na koi products aya abhi tak…???
    na koi payout houa abhi tak……..???
    na koi exit option houa abhi tak …….???
    kahliiii penalistoiu ko bewkouff bana rahai hay yeh speak asia

  • Bhai Akhil37

    dear sir,
                          my joining date is 3 speak asia. my id is 3 in your speak asia,,the name
                          is 1-akhil222,,2-nikhill223,,3-nikhill224,, n i have no receive your money,,i have
                          give 33000 thousand rupees only..n i have return my money to exit option.
                                                                                                      very thanksful to you
                                                                                                      akhil singh gautam
                                                              a/c-num-31665832126 in sbi
                                                              branch-railway station

    • Frndzh

      dear akhil

      i want to exit from speakasiaonline & want my money back so please tell me the procedure  to use exit option of speakasia


      hoping forward 4 your positive reply



  • Frndzh

    please tell me how to use exit option of speakasiaonline….i want to exit from speakasia & want my money back

  • Prashant Gupta

    bhai akhil what is the procedure of the exit option i want to exit from speakaia and my money back and after how much  time  you get your money back

  • Rajvir Shah

    Respected Marketing Head
    Speak Asia,
                     I would like to know, if I apply for Exit option than how can you refund my money, as your bank accounts are sealed, that is why you are not remitting the RP money, that is what you have being saying so far, can you explain me in this matter.
    Dear Panelist, do not send mail for the EXIT option, because by doing this you will be in no mans land.


  • Rajvir Shah

    Marketing Manager,Speak Asia

    Respected Sir,
                          I would like to know if I apply for the Exit option than how will I get my subscription money back, as your bank accounts are being sealed, thats what shown on your new website and your speak person are being saying so far, and that is the reason why we are not getting are RP earned being credited to our Bank account. Than how will you give this money credit. Please reply to this.

    Dear Panelist,
                        Don’t opt for the Exit option otherwise you will be no where, you won’t get the money not even the survey.


  • pramod

        when come exit option.. your company not doing any thing.. i not taken anything on your speakasiaonline survey earning.. 

  • Awezmirza

    is exit option working? is it okay and safe to opt for exit option? is there any hope for panelists to get money back? what is the status of cases filed against speak asia ?

  • Prashant Gupta

    Marketing Manager Speakasia
    I want to exit from speakasia what is the procedure to exit????and after how much time i get my money back plz reply

  • Girish Barot

    We as Pannelist know, the company wants to give money but media has blocked the account..  They are doing it knowingly.. If they want to save people from losing money then they should let the conpany make payment..If they want they can warn the new commers.  Even after knowing the risk we still want to invest why is the media getting cramps in their stomac..

     To. The Media,  You will get ten warnings before You Perish….

    This is Your First warning………Do the Job of giving News.. and nothing More… If you try some thing More….  Your name will be wiped out…

    You will be made accountable for every news…

    Any one advertising on a Liyer channel.  


  • Cuteenikita1990

    i am member from may but not credited single RP reward point . its only showing in my account that u have some PR’s …but i have not credited …and now i want to exit …then how much will i get …i have paid 11000 rupees but not got single ruppes from speakasia …i want 10000 rupees back from speak asia …so how much will i get

  • Anitasri

    anita srivastva,
                         mujhe 11hazar rupee dene ke baad aur survey bhe do mahena karne ke baad  aaj tak koi paisa vapas nahi mela mera paisa kab aur kaise vapas melega. plz mera paisa jalde vapas kare

    • Guest

      11000 kya 22000 le loooo or badle me 1 mahiny k liye hamara servey karlo. Company name 1 bar dedo

  • Pankaj

    I want to exit from speakasia what is the procedure to exit

  • D25m05

    sari chutiya panti hai kamine log hai jo sab logoko bawakuf bankar apni jeb bhardi