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Speak Asia COO Arrested

Speak Asia COO Tarak Bajpai was detained by the Economic Offenses Wing of the Mumbai police for questioning on Friday. The online survey company hit controversy in a multi-crore scam.

The move comes just two days after CID froze the online survey company’s bank accounts.

The online survey company has been accused of Rs 2000 crore scam. Speak Asia Online (SAOL) would be inspected under section 591 of the Companies Act, which is applicable on companies incorporated outside India and has established a place of business within the country.

The Singapore-based company ran into a controversy over its alleged pyramid scheme that involves paid subscribers filling up online consumer survey forms and luring more into its fold in return for commissions. FIRs and PILs have been filed against the company. The company has maintained that it collects money only for its online magazine and that the survey is just a benefit.

Who is Tarak Bajpai?

Tarak Bajpai is the face of Speak Asia’s India operations. He mainly handled training, communication with members and hosted the retreat for Speak Asia investors in Goa this year.

The company charges a membership fee is Rs 11,000 for a year. The members are expected to conduct online surveys for clients of the firm. Members are paid for conducting the surveys. The company said that it pays Rs 500(10$ – their 1$ being equal to 50 Indian Rupees) for every survey to its member.

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