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Speak Asia: Buy YUG on TVC

TVC Skyshop has started selling the YUG brand. Although Speak Asia is facing trials at Mumbai’s EOW but the company has decided to bring off tits product and popularize them too.

Previously Speak Asia started doing YUG Ads in print media now TVC Skyshop starts not only selling but advertising in print media and attracting customers. According to TVC, YUG has 600+ service centers in India so I don’t think there would any problem buying that but YUG needs to have a dedicated website listing everything for consumers to know or atleast somewhere where all service centers are. It has to do that else it will loose its identity and become merely another local Chinese brand.

YUG gets front space on the TVC Skyshop website too.

Buy YUG mobile here.

Here’s the news print in TOI on 10th August, Delhi edition.


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  • Mohitdhawan00

    Can i use my Rp’s to buy these products from TVC