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Speak Asia : Biggest Challenge so Far

After the arrest news of Mr. Tarak Bajpai, COO Speak Asia India came, everyone associated with the company in some way or the other not only got astonished but got scared too as to what’s gonna happen now.

Hide & Seek game is ON since 3 months with no results.

Although Speak Asia has a stay order from Bombay High Court against any arrests but still Mr Bajpai has been sent on remand till 4th of August, next hearing date.

I am not sure what they want to prove with this. With just one FIR they arrested the COO of the company, and when someone in need really wish their help, they don’t even register their FIRs.

With you For you, sometimes. Shuckssss!

Here’s the formal announcement from Speak Asia:

Dear Speak Asians,

We face the biggest challenge of our times today.!!

Despite our best efforts to engage with and offer all possible cooperation with all the authorities concerned including the Reserve Bank of India, EOW of both Mumbai and Delhi and all concerned ministries we continue to be targeted as defaulters.

Our COO Tarak Bajpai along with number of vendors who support us in India have been taken into custody by the EoW Mumbai at Indore and other places across the country.They are all being flown to  Mumbai today morning to be charged with certain fictitious claims.

At this darkest hour of our company we appeal to all our fellow SpeakAsians to come together and unite in this hour of crisis.

However we know and realize that in this great country injustice and keeping quiet is now changing. As we saw unfold only yesterday the LokPal bill has become a reality; so may the best man win and this be a fight we are in together and will now a fight to the finish. We request all of you to please standby for further communication from us as to how to proceed further.

We are confident that we will succeed in our endeavours and build a great company that we will all be proud of so Speak Asians, let us show the world, that When the going gets tough the tough get going.

Team SpeakAsia.

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  • Anonymous

    speakasia ko sabhi panlisto ki jarurat hai, agar aap sabhi speak asian ko apni life banana hai to jaldi hi apne aria manajer se sampark karo aur bike realy nikalo, aapki puri jindagi savar jayegi, aap log ye india ki bhukhi sarkar se apni jindagi ko savarne ki kalpana mat karo, ye kuch nahi kar sakte hamare liye, i proud to be speakasia,

  • Anonymous

    i proud to be speakasian.