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Speak Asia: A2Z News Channel

News of Speak Asia getting cleared from EOW, Mumbai by 12th Aug is spreading like anything on the web and via sms.

Following SMS is on the flow:

“All Speakasians finally, SAOL has presented their non-disclosure agreement to EOW regarding their clients list & EOW checked & enquired their clients & all accepted that they are the client of SAOL so there no fear in this matter plus SAOL has bought a news channel as A2Z so SAOL kept their promise also for the NEWS channel by end of August. So, 12th August is a positive day for SAOL. We will win. Forward to ALL.”

Not sure how true this message is as there is nothing official from Speak Asia Online nor any new popup.

Regarding A2Z news channel, we tried searching if that channel does exist and has been bought by Speak Asia or not. We got to know that a news channel with the name A2Z does exist but whether it has been bought by Speak Asia is not clear yet. Nor any news from the channel itself.

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  • Kapil

    a2z sab jhut news channel . abe tumne news to dekhga de par gor nhe kya  naam kiss ka kam kis ka  or khe per to galat nam abe band kerdo  verna  jute padege pure a2z samjhe madar  chodo…..

  • Vishalbishnoi Bishnoi

    helo sir,,,i m reporter in denik bhaskar news paper in our area,  i joining a2z news channel plz tell me about it…