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Speak Asia Online had TORCH Bearer’s meet which was telecasted on NDTV Imagine where lot of leaders presented their story of success and few announcements were also made.

As announced in the video above by Speak Asia Online to start advertisements in Indian media like newspapers, TV (during IPL matches) etc.; they started it sooner.

Also, dedicated channel Speak Asia by Aug 2011.

Advertisements of Speak Asia Online appeared in the most trusted newspaper “The Times Of India” on 3 consecutive days i.e. 16th April 2011, 17th April 2011 and 18th April 2011 in all of its Edition.

Following are the published advertisements:

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Following are the ads that appeared in IPL season 4 on Set Max:

Following is public notice published in The Times of India on 29th April all editions warning people spreading bad words, rumors, about Speak Asia Online.