because we want you to earn too …


There are a lot of things that have already been explained here and over the net. Just GOOGLE “Speak Asia”, you will get 100s of websites explaining ‘N’ number of things about Speak Asia Online.

Let’s understand the same thing in Layman’s maths that actually matter to us and the reason why we joined it and want you to join it too.

Currency used below is $ (same as has been used by Speak Asia Online in all transactions) and the exchange rate offered is Rs. 50.

  • You become Premium member of Speak Asia Online by paying 220$ for a year (After 11th May 2011 the fees increases to 299$).
  • You earn $10 per survey, thus 20$ per week and 80$ per month and therefore recovering your 220$ investment in just less than 3 months.
  • Your MINIMUM total earning for a year becomes 20 x 52 = 1040$ = Rs 52,000; giving you a profit of Rs 41,000 per annum.

We call it minimum because that’s not all but at the least that you can earn in a year. If you don’t believe in referring friends than even this amount is worth spending few hours in a month filling surveys.

If you want to earn more, go on reading:

  • You will earn 20$ for your direct referrals.
  • You will earn 1.5$ per survey that your direct referrals do over the time.
  • Your earn extra 20$ for completing a binary pair under you.

Let’s take an example:

You refer 2 friends to Speak Asia Online in a particular month. One is on your left and other one is on right.

  • You get one time 20$ each for referring them i.e. 40$ and additional one time 20$ for completing the binary pair under you.
  • You get continual 1.5$ per survey what your referrals are filling i.e. for 8 x 2 surveys the amount comes out to be 24$
  • Your total additional income for the month is 60 + 24  = 84$ = Rs 4200 for just referring 2 friends.
  • The survey income is continual as you get it every month as and when your referrals are filling up the surveys.

Isn’t it great??

It definitely is, and the BIG reason to be a part of this MLM company.