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Headlines Today Praises Speak Asia

Now this is the news we have been looking for some time.

Having being reported by Star News, Aajtak and a press conference held by the Speak Asia board, just now Rahul Kanwal, senior executive, Headlines Today, one of the most watched English news channel has praised Speak Asia scheme and somewhat legitimated it by confirming that many of his office mates are also part of the schemes.

He also asked whether the scheme should be shut down when it is so popular. Many people are making money out of it and even media persons are part of it.

He first tweeted:

#SpeakAsia Deposit Rs 11000 & get Rs 48000 in 1yr! 436% return. HOW. 4 lakh investors on board, target 1 cr. Should scheme be shut down?”

He then added:

“Didn’t realise #SpeakAsia scheme was so popular till the time newsroom dipstick survey revealed that several of my teammates had signed up!

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  • Vaibhavkaushik21

    he is write i appreciate u rahul , i also think i will become speak asian konw do hurry for this know

  • Ashish Vaish72

    speakasian zindabaad

  • shantaram dadamode

    i m one of the panalist of speakasia.speakasia is good company in market research,it is launching tv channel on august month ,so in that case star news channel opposing speakasia

    • Elsie

      really starwalo kuch jalneki badboo aa rahi he

  • Sonu

    Sir if you all have made up your mind to just shut down speakasia please think about all those new joinings who have invested their hard earned money and when investors dont have any complain why media people are against them because we are getting our returns we all are happy then whats the problem pleeeeeeeeeeeeese think about others also will media return our money if anything goes wrong, so live and let live.

    • Manjeetaspdotnet

      dear sonu first of all its your fault that while depositing your hard earned money you did not even tried to use your mind. Then if news channels are trying to safeguard people who are about to fall in trap then you people are raising voice against them? So mean u people are. News channels cannot let speakasia survive just for saving few percentage of people money  that they themselves have invested in this gaint gamble

  • SK Pandey

     Couple of points:
    1- So far none of the Speakasian panelists have launched any complaint against the company. This should be considered.
    2- Management clearly said that they could disclose the panel agencies/clients if star news signs an NDA with them.Its a fair point.
    3- Speakasia has already invested a lot money in the online business and technology. They talked about their future plans including the permanent establishment in India by 31st Aug 2011. This will allow our Law and regulatory body to ask any questions/clarifications. I think Speakasia needs to do this asap.
    4- Good point was that after all this, company has organized a full fledged press conference in Mumbai and tried to answer all the queries to best of their knowledge.
    5- Currently company is investment mode and their plans are for long terms for advertisement, product sales, Panel provider, Mobile telephony provider, Travel services etc.
    6- Company is interested in increasing its consumer panel base in India and thats specially India middle class (the largest consumer base). Anyone in the world would like to tap on this.
    7- Company clearly apologized for factual error on taking names of certain clients in India and explained the whole situation.
    8- Star news is also in the same business with a different model, so it could be because of business rivalry.

    Over all company is doing well and giving rewards for the opinion given by the panelists. Clearly Speakasia needs to establish offices in India so that it gives a comfort to all panelists and regulatory bodies also. We all know that most of businesses like this have been failure/scams. So to avoid all the specualtions, Speakasia needs to establish offices in India and clearly say how they do business and money flow etc.

    Just a neutral opinion from me.

    • Karunakaran_setur

      Your analysis is quite commanding. Keep it up.  Also, Why not Star News make a survey on the sale of laptops before and after the entry of Speak Asia to India. Speak Asia is professional company with lot of good busines model which others cannot understand.  As business people they cannot reveal some of the secretes of business.  However, the CEO was good enough to give the details of clients when they produce the NDA.
      Your analysis and points are well presented.
      May all Speak Asians flourish.

    • Jutamaro

      If Speak Asia establishes a permanent office in India then it will need to follow Income Tax procedures. For Indian panelists it means that there would be Tax Deduction at Source even where income of panelists is not within the Income Tax bracket. It is a big headache to file your returns to get the tax back. Then these very panelists who shouting Speak Asia zindabad will be Speak Asia murdabad!

  • prashant.saurabh

    sir please i request to u that agar            speak asia band ho gai to ham loot jayenge  starnews baalo tumhe tumahri maa ki kasam from sauarbh .prashant rajat tum sabhi k nayye dost speak asia zindabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd abe dakkan ab bas kar aur tubhi type kar

  • Pavan kumar yadav

    its right that speak asia is a genune ………so making positive thinking about speakasia…..

  • Anonymous

    support speak asia ….. 

  • Pnitinkumar

     Speakasia is one of the best opportunity available to the common man of India.People are not only getting an additional source of earning but they also are upgrading their knowledge while doing the surveys. In short it is “Earn While you Learn” opportunity for the citizens of India.The media should first understand the concept thoroughly and then give critical appraisal about this wonderful opportunity.
    I feel that media should play a more matured and responsible role.

  • Amit Parmar

    their are companies like ram survey, aerolite, prathibha survey, nd many more following the same concept, but why only speakasia is under scanner what about the others. amit 986174650 

    • Deekshamartina

      what is your problem with companies like ram survey..aerolite…etc..if your not part of it dont preach about these companies

  • Ritubhayal

    one simple question, if we penalist are earning by working with speakasiaonline, then whats ur problem? u all should be happy that unemployement is reducing in our country because of speakasia business module,u all should support us.Atleast this company is not corrupt like Kriti Somiaya BJP Leader 

    • Deekshamartina

      all politicians are corrupt and why they are behind such company like speak asia that helps many people those who want to earn something being a part of it

  • nasir hussain

    sir star news wale ko bolo ki kisi bhi speak asia panelist ko problem nahi hai phir usko kyu ho rahi hai star walo ko kaho ki UP main jao or rahul gandhi ki help karo kisan aandolan main,

  • Nasir_rmp786

    Sir star news wale se kaho ki jab speakasian panelist ko problem nahi hai to usko kyu ho rahi hai .star news walo U.P. main jao or rahul gandhi hi help karo kissan  andolan main  

  • Sanjeev

     support speak asia …..

  • Sharon_shania20

     Speakasia has increased our knowledge with their e-bulletins and we have been paid regularly uptil now. I think that Speakasia should be given a fair hearing and continue its business model that has proved helpful for soooo many housewives all across the country who fill the surveys from home and earn an income of 4000 a month.

  • Tripti tinsina

     Pay Rs 8000 instead of Rs 11000 and become a SPEAKASIAN.To join SPEAKASIA or to know more,contact 9560586857

  • Gvshinde83

     i am proud of SPEAK ASIAIN’S  pls positive thinks………………………..all is well…..

  • Elsie

    my best advice to star news simply do not romour about speakasia…go and find out genuine proof of fraudness of speakasia…

  • Sanjeev

    IMPORTANT – Very Very  Important


    All Speak Asian Please read the 2 Links given Below





    We all need to come 2gather




  • Sitesh Sitesh Singh

     saloo star news waloo tumahri maake…………

  • Jitenmoksha

    star news is trying to become the most popular channel by misguiding the people. they r crazy about TRP ratings.

  • Ashutoshwale


  • Singh Shay

    speakasia aur star news k bich ek survey kar lete hain dekhte hain media me jyada power hai ki janta me.

  • Singh Shay

    har company k apne kuch hidden motos hote hain star plus aur aaj tak me bhi  honge.ask with their  employees 

  • Ansari_siraj

    There is business rivalary going on between speakasia and starnews channel.The reason is starnews is starting there own survey company.This is the catch.Speakasia is not an investment company and not an MLM company as shown in news…It is not compulsory to pay Rs11000 as it has been shown…You can join speakasia free also…u Have to pay just Registration fees..R u  aware of this…media is not telling this to u..

  • Dadu Atreya

    I m asking SPEAK ASIA….Do u really have any motive to return? If so then pls let us know 1)when r u going to reopen your accounts to repay the panelists 2)earlier your company said that in the month of April 2011your mumbai office is going to be opened to operate it’s business from India,but now you are not keeping mouth shut. if at all u have any plan to open an office then from when>we want a specific date. 3) earlier you said your company’s accounts were frozen in singapore now you have stated that it was not frozen but the bank was unable to operate your accounts due to some other reasons. We have been noticing that your comments are differing time to time. Being a panelist I have no complaints regarding payments, earlier we use to get our payments within 3/4 day after cash request was made; but since the media’s shouting you stopped payments, till 13th may the cash requests were sent, and the rests were on process, but why those requests were executed? while your bank accounts were frozen on 25th may only?


    rahul kanwal ko paise nahi diye h na isliye,is desh mein jo kaam goverment ko karna chaiye tha vo kaam speak asia ne parellel govt ke roop mein kiya,manoj kumar agar election me ab bhi khade ho gaye to bade bado ki zamaanat zabpt ho jaige………so take ur ideas urself…AMIT THAKUR FROM DUSHERA 9997836282