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Insight to Speak Asia’s Server Error

Speak Asia’s server has been reported to have been taken away be EOW, Mumbai for investigations.┬áSince last couple of days Speak Asia website, is also not working and giving some error. Here is the insight to it: The yellow screen as it is known as in Dot Net terminology, is displayed when the error […]

Speak Asians Rallying all over India to Protest

Panelists of Speak Asia Online have come to streets of different parts of India to not only display support for Speak Asia but also asking authorities the wrongdoings of Speak Asia, because of which the action is being taken against it. They have been existent, fighting and trying to proof themselves but authorities do not […]

Speak Asia : Bottom Line : CNBC TV18

CNBC TV 18 today showed a detailed report on Speak Asia on 6th Aug 2011. They navigated thru the website, did a demo survey and talked to couple of panelists too. No body is able to prove anything wrong with the company but still people are behind bars. Important thing to note here is that […]

Speak Asia Writes to RBI

Speak Asia is trying hard to make everything possible to get their bank accounts activated for paying the panelists (so with some other vested interest). Whatever the case is, Speak Asia is not leaving any stone unturned to get things on track. They have approached all possible authorities for their case hearing. After remand of […]

Speak Asia : Exit Option from 5th Aug 2011

Speak Asia has finally come out with the Exit option for people who are not happy joining SAOL and would like to exit from the company and get refund of the amount invested. Important points to mention about the exit option is: If you have been with the company for more than 3 months then […]