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Survey Policy Revised

Speak Asia Online revised their online survey policies recently in Mar 2011. Previous to the change everyone used to get surveys every Wednesday but following the huge response from people of India and to rescue server failures, Speak Asia has divided whole India into 5 major regions and every region to get surveys on different […]

Speak Asia Subscription Revision

Most of you might be aware that Speak Asia Online currently attracts an annual subscription charges of 220$ (Rs 11,000) which is getting revised to 299$ (Rs 15,000) from 20th May 2011, which was originally planned to be revised on 11th May 2011 but due to large panelists requests the dates are revised. The final […]


It is our indeed pleasure to welcome you all to Join Speak Asia Online team whom we lovingly call The JSAO Team. At JSAO, we undertake challenges to bring latest updates, know-how about Speak Asia Online, an online survey company. What good and what bad happening with the company, we unbiasedly bring to our readers. […]