because we want you to earn too …


We understand that the ultimate success of a product is linked with the satisfaction of its customers. It becomes imperative for companies to make a decision on any product taking targeted area and reasonable prospects into mind. Since, that will not only ensure about the successful launch of any product but in the long it will also help in increasing the shelf life of a product.

“Speak Asia” online gives an opportunity to everyone to raise their opinion and what’s more they have a value to their opinion.

Given the above words, we want you to also make money the way we do. We are a team of young professionals who are working in different MNCs in different parts of India and working as part time to make an extra earning.

We are trying to be practical as in we don’t believe in legacy MLM (Multi Level Marketing) systems where even after investing a lot of money you DON’T get paid unless you refer subordinates under you.

At Speak Asia, the actual earning is by filling the online surveys, so even if you don’t get time to refer friends or you don’t have the marketing skills to attract your friends to the system, you will get paid even then for just filling surveys.

You may like to see Maths behind it.

Referring friends is an extra income that you can generate if you wish to.

Give it a thought and contact us if you wish to know more about it.