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Speak Asia Starts Rewarding

After so much of positives and negatives, Speak Asia has finally started their reward program under which they would be rewarding their panelists with gifts like TV, Laptops, Singapore trips, mobile phones etc. In their recent message, Speak Asia informs panelists to get ready for rewards to be sent out soon. Awesome news after so […]

Speak Asia Online : Fights Back

A lot has already been said and discussed about Speak Asia: Speak Asia responding to Star news Speak Asia Responds to Aaj Tak and other Media Allegations Speak Asia Press Conference – Fight is On Speak Asia Press Conference Video Income Tax Department keeping an eye on Speak Asia Online Speak Asia Responding but not […]

Speak Asia on the Verge of Closure??

It has been an astonishing day for 20 lacs panelists of Speak Asia Online. Speak Asia Online has been on ups and downs from last couple of weeks. Media’s negative coverage not only affected the companies profile but the business of its close to 2 million panelists around India. More and more people have been […]

Survey on Speak Asia: Panelist’s View

We at JSAO are trying to know the mood of people, actually panelists, who are associated with Speak Asia Online in some way or the other. After extensive media coverage, Speak Asia Online had to come in public with its business model thru which it tried to explain the world what they do and what […]

Speak Asia with Money Back Guarantee

Yes, you heard it right. Speak Asia is planning to open channels for anyone and everyone to quit Speak Asia and get his full amount refunded in case, they have joined by showing lucrative offers by anyone without telling the truth about the company. That’s what legal adviser of Speak Asia told media persons in […]